Economic Anthropology report _ Specific Process Serving Rate

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Economic Anthropology report _ Specific Process Serving Rate

Postby Randy Scott » Thu Jun 05, 2014 9:45 am

NAPPS funded GAPPS to hire Deb Duchon compatriot to use her Anthropological skills and apply those humanistic skills to specific logical economic theory devices to arrive at a cost per service of Process. Keep alert that an Economic Anthropologists is not an economist they are about figuring out the big picture in human relations and this report attempting to argue professional knowledge of one economic issue of a price to serve process gives no relation to her skills except format, footnote, and friendship.

Should you take the challenge to review her report in the last sentence she concludes it costs 168.00 per serve. No where in her report does she break down the numbers to assist the reader in believing her calculations.

I conclude her report is false based on a faulty interpretation of a subjective data set to arrive at a preconceived position. The report also does not include "true cost" of the anthropological consequences of a society where a belief government is supposed to profit in its purposes. I further note her use of the term "True Cost" is anthropologically correct but not economically valid. So for that I give the report over to political maneuvering using non profit funds to perfect a scheme of building the profits of a non profit through forced membership, education providers, and certification gate-keeping. A dichotomy that should be addressed as it relates to legitimate IRS tax exempt non profit activities.

Here is the report:

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So in her report she wrote this
" In DeKalb, 22 Marshals received over 48,000 papers in 2012; in Fulton, 17 received over 75,000 papers. "

She used the number of 62000 per server salary and benefits.

So 22*62000/48000=28.oo each
17*62000/75000=14.oo each

I have no idea how she came up with 168.00 even if we were to add 25.00 for vehicle expense per serve her numbers are bs.

If real economists or accountants with the Sheriff study this report subject they may conclude at 40 a serve it could be a positive revenue source.

Can you imagine with the reports of sewer servers, even within NAPPS, and sheriffs' seeing a revenue source maybe the sheriffs' just expel all private process servers from the industry. Sound fair to you? Tell me how pissed off will you be? Why would those in this industry in positions of leadership actually provoke the end to private process servers? Ah they must be blind!

I for one wouldn't want to be sitting in that civil process committee at the National Sheriff Association meeting on June 22 2014 at 10:00 am knowing every sheriff in the country, all 3083 of them, are aware of NAPPS leaders delusions.

Which leads me to the next question is NAPPS leaders really NAPPS members and how can outsiders seperate the two?
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