NAPPS/GAPPS leaders for market share fight Georgia Sheriffs'

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NAPPS/GAPPS leaders for market share fight Georgia Sheriffs'

Postby ProcessPosseAdmin » Fri Sep 27, 2013 9:59 pm

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In the March 2002 Docket the administrator stated this about Paul Tamaroff " ...after grabbing his lance and donning his white hat, jumped aboard his trusty steed and raced into battle."

In the January 2013 Docket the NAPPS Admin states this "The Texas Process Servers Association (TPSA) requested legislative funds for a series of bills they are sponsoring involving issues that included gated communities, assault and notary requirements. Kathy Burrow, TPSA President, and Scott Thomas, Vice President, were present at the meeting and gave a presentation for the request. The board approved their request and granted $4,889.32 (10% of the Legislative Fund)." What those who are actively following Texas Mr Crowe left out the primary goal of Texas. Mr Crowe states " requested legislative funds for a series of bills they are sponsoring involving issues that included gated communities, assault and notary requirements". Mr Crowe does not want the NAPPS members to know that TEXAS leaderships number one goal, as is NAPPS leadership, that every state in the country are required to have licenses. The end game requires memberships in educational program of association so they can grow. earn more revenue have more power. Do these leaders understand obligations under that power? Have they proven themselves right of wrong with a history self dealing and personal private growth of their own business through this pooling of industry data?

Georgia Association of Professional Process Servers President Deb Duchon the wife of GAPPS second founder Paul Tamaroff issued this threat to the Georgia Sheriff's associations and calls them belligerent Deb Duchon and her husband Paul Tamaroff blog on GAPPS

GAPPS followed up with this letter to Sheriff Norris and this letter to Sheriff HillThe Result the Sheriff don't take well to bullies! They are publishing like rapid fire across Georgia that they will NOT approve certified process servers. In Georgia to be certified the only option you have is to take Tamaroff's course and be inducted into the rituals of the rites of GAPPS educational programs. With the current President his wife Deb Duchon.

Here is the web sites how the sheriffs' feel about being bullied.

Gwinnet don't like to be bullied

Glascok don't like it

Did you know in the past 8 years NAPPS has deposited to Tamaroff''s control over $63,000.00. GAPPS used that money to lobby in Georgia and only reported 8K. No one really knows what Tamaroff and Duchon done with the member money. Now they are going to ask for another 100-200K. Scary if you ask me.

Here is the full Georgia Story and supporting documents

The Tamaroff lawsuit vs. GAPPS follows
NAPPS funded lawsuit implemented by TAMAROFF against the prior GAPPS board.
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Re: NAPPS/GAPPS leaders for market share fight Georgia Sheri

Postby Tod Pendergrass » Tue Oct 01, 2013 9:56 am

I have not had time to read all the supporting documentation supplied by Mr. Randy Scott. I do, however, have first hand knowledge about his comments regarding licensing in Texas. Mr. Scott is correct that the secret (and sometimes not so secret) goal of NAPPS is nationwide licensing. The money donated by NAPPS to the TPSA for Texas legislative initiatives was all wasted; not one of the TPSA's bills was signed into law. The defense to trespass bill always fails and some TPSA leaders (past, present?) have discussed how that bill is simply a smoke screen designed to make members think TPSA is doing something beneficial. They know it will never pass because of the strong influence of the Texas Apartment Association; and it has failed many times. The Apt. Assoc. has WAY more money than the TPSA and NAPPS combined. The problem is, the TPSA had a training course and would grant TPSA certification to anyone who (a) joined and (b) passed the course. Though I personally did not need or want the credential of trade association certification, there is nothing wrong with the concept. The problems began when not enough people were taking the TPSA training course and the core association leadership began pursuing laws that would make training mandatory for every server. They got and remain GREEDY! In fact, their last licensing attempt would have made the TPSA the ONLY outlet for that training. That is what got my attention. If Mr. Scott is correct, it appears the same thing is playing out in Georgia. Training is important in our industry, just not GOVERNMENT MANDATED training. For any trade association to seek INCREASED licensing & regulation is a betrayal to the membership. The natural course of any trade association is to curb or limit government oversight, not increase it. At the last Texas legislative session, TPSA leaders supported a bill that would increase fees and training. The new law they helped pass will also add new FINES AND PENALTIES that never existed before for a broad range of "infractions" that hasn't even been written yet! Think about it... TPSA leaders convinced the members that new fees, fines & penalties was the way to go, but couldn't even tell the members what they could get fined for. Most of them are nothing but corrupt, self-serving bullies. What has happened in Texas sure sounds a lot like how Mr. Scott has described the NAPPS leaders. Sincerely, NAPPS member, Tod Pendergrass - Austin, Tx.
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