NAPPS President Vennes grievance threat

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NAPPS President Vennes grievance threat

Postby ProcessPosseAdmin » Mon Dec 02, 2013 7:10 pm

1. On or about April 18, 2011 at 4:18 pm I received a telephone call from VENNES who at that time was the arbitration and grievance (A/G) chair of NAPPS. He stated he received a complaint against my practices that he will mediate. We spoke for about 25 minutes regarding the issue. The content of the complaint is that a NAPPS member Patricia Lupia from New York who has an associate non NAPPS member, Mike Lupia for Legal-Works in New York. He stated that I refused to prepare two separate returns of service. The one I sent I detailed the events that potentially made it an improper serve, but it was truthful and accurate. The one he wanted me to prepare left out those details. VENNES emailed me at 4:58 pm asking me to prepare the 2 different return of services. Let them choose which one to use, and fed ex them using their account number. I followed up and called him at 5:00 pm and left message. He called me back and 5:02 pm and I told him if in his opinion this is proper I will do as he instructed. This avoided sanctions or even a report properly or improperly. My relationship with NAPPS made my business completely dependent to be in the directory they provided online. That event developed a concern about what NAPPS teaches or its underlying unseen operations are. The case Info relating to this matter is : Case Number: 235887 County: RENSSELAER State: NEW YORK Court: Supreme Contact: Date Filed: Caption: NBT BANK, vs. JOHN PRATT . (This is also on page 12 paragraph 41 of my Prose Federal complaint that was thrown out on technical grounds by Middle District of Florida, 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and currently sitting as writ of certiorari with the Us Supreme Court.)

As a process server the problem really comes down to a code of silence. The majority of process servers are honest and hard working. But that is not enough to have them risk their business to weed out the corruption that almost all of them knows exists. In April of 2011 I was asked to lie on a return of service coming out of New York. I refused and was threatened with a grievance from National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS). To those small mom and pop process servers in NAPPS they know getting expelled from NAPPS is a drop in 75%-90% of your business from not being listed in the directory. They have the power to mold an industry to silence. After that event I started looking more intently into NAPPS. Ultimately the leadership expelled me for the questions I had into the unprofessional actions by the leadership.
The specific case I refer to where I was threatened with a grievance from NAPPS is case number 235887 Rensselaer county captioned NBT Bank vs. John Pratt

Not sure what the outcome was for that defendant. I do know eventually that was the slippery slope that lead to my questions of NAPPS professionalism that lead to the expulsion that effectively closed my Florida business.

Phone call message describing multiple returns requested leaving to him and his client to decide which one to submit to the court.
mike talking about creating some alternative returns ie supplement but do not place all the details on one of them. The date of this is 2011 not 2010
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return final.pdf
This is the one I submitted to them with the statement incorporated in the one page document. This is the one he voice mailed me on complaining the supplement was not included separately. Notice I did this 2 days later before sending him the one he wanted me to.
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Here is what they had me sign under duress. I did have it notarized but decided not to send it instead created the one above with it incorporated on one page.
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Client and attorney implying that server needs to state why he thinks address is correct contrary to sever communications to client.
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Memo Style.pdf
NAPPS President Vennes Email confirming telephone conversation and NAPPS requirement regarding same
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