Who is Fred Blum?

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Who is Fred Blum?

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Fred Blum has an extensive history of squeezing numerous members to silence so he can perfect his control over NAPPS. In 2014 we will see the result of his actions and whether his self perceived leadership is a good thing for a representative form of community or if his behavior is selfish towards his own agendas without accountability and transparency to the people. His actions of isolating and attacking those who seek transparency and accountability are only tempered by the great laws of our country. We have lived through such behavior before in history and we have categorical denied these actions as counter productive to wise and healthy community. In this article from a class mate of Mr Blum he shows a side of Mr Blum that cannot be separated from character and his control over NAPPS.

Fred Blum is the owner of a Philadelphia Company called B & R Service of Process. B & R Service of process stands for Fred Blum and Mitchell Rubin. In the the 1980's B & R Service of Process shared offices with NAPPS offices and NAPPS was headquartered at his address . In that same year this story about tax evasion was related to this address.

Mr Blum's website indicated he and his partner Mitchell Rubin were founders of NAPPS.

In 2010 the FBI indicted and convicted Mitchell Rubin and specifically referenced B & R Service of process as a company who received 150K in no work contract from the Pennsylvania senate. In the sentencing Mr Rubin on page 13 lines 21-25 stated this "On or about October 1st, 1999, the S.D.A.C. chaired by Fumo entered an annual professional services contract with B and R Professional Services, Inc. The contract provided that Rubin, through B and R, would provide the following services:"... In the plea memorandum on page 8 B & R manager then, and still is today, Kathy Finley is referenced this way:

" Kathleen Finley, the manager of the B&R office, testified that she searched for records regarding the Senate contract, and found none. She said that she knew nothing about the contract. She said that during the contract period, Rubin would call her every month and instruct her regarding what amount to bill the Senate. She sent bills by mail and received payments by mail. No time records were kept, and Rubin never told her what he was doing under the contract. According to Finley, this contract was unique in B&R’s business. Rubin did call in sometimes and say he was at the Senator’s office, but she stated she did not know why he was there."

In proving the allegation, the government reported that a subpoena to the Senate for all work product involving Rubin produced nothing. Similarly, Rubin’s company, B&R, stated that it has no documentary evidence of any work performed pursuant to this contract. Kathleen Finley, the manager of the B&R office, testified that she searched for records regarding the Senate contract, and found none. She said that she asked Rubin if he had any, and he said, “no;” she also asked the co-owner of the company, Frederick Blum, and the heads of the company’s departments, and all knew nothing about the contract."

Just wondering if "knowing nothing" maybe what the NAPPS board members will argue too. BUT with all I have published can they really claim that excuse?

On August 1, 2014 the Pennsylvania Attorney General trial begins regarding substantially increased penalties of criminal conspiracy bid rigging against the Rubin of the namesake B & R and that will highlight an ongoing story as first told to you here over two years ago.

Mr Blum through his counsel sent this cease and desist to another NAPPS member. In this subsequent email to the NAPPS board it is clear that Mr Blum exercises his bully pulpit to silence all members.

Now NAPPS will be meeting in Pompano Beach Florida on February 8, 2014. Mr Blum has a long history of serving on the board of NAPPS. The only down time was from 2007-2012. Mr Blum has a home in Pompano Beach at "3507 Oaks Way Bldg 114 Apt 807. Pompano Beach, FL 33069" GOOGLE IT!

Mr Blum was instrumental in the illegal election of Mr Couch at the Arizona conference. The reasons are clear. Mr Couch turned Mr. Blum onto more business and proved himself a good and faithful servant to the mission of Blum's NAPPS. There is a historical connection to a lot of favors that occur in NAPPS. That history is as old as Chicago and Philadelphia politics. It was one I am more than familiar with and it is all about tribute. But in the internet age and the soon to be retirement of these practices that is occurring in Greater society a new generation of accountability partners rising up, called the internet! The screams and moans and distraction of those wanting it to continue only increase. They will be shown to have been on the wrong side of history!

All of us should take stock in our life and look inward to the direction and foundation of NAPPS conflicts. What NAPPS leaders have allowed through Blum to the NAPPS membership is stalking harassing and confronting members who seek transparency and accountability. Undoubtedly as those leaders increase that anti American sentiment against a representative form of community there are two responses those impacted may have. Either cower and hide under cover or investigate further and find the reasons why the NAPPS leaders need the curtain to be placed between them and the people. Really now is NAPPS just Mr Blum's play thing? If so whose fault is it? Let lay the blame rightfully at the hands of the leadership for the temporal cover they knowingly provide. Or as in the words of a two current board members Blum runs the show.

In this article you can witness in Mr. Blum own words how he contacts and pressures those who seek transparency and accountability. He calls them convinces them in a Philadelphia way. Therefore you should know you are not the only one who has called me. There are at least 7 over the past three years who confided in me! I know there are many more so let them be paranoid of who you are but be confident knowing their guess will not identify you since they have done this to many! "On more than one occasion I've picked up the telephone and called the writer to set the record straight, and I know Al Crowe has done the same." Fred Blum NAPPS Docket August 2000

I think it is only fair that I should include for your review Mr. Blum docket report in NAPPS regarding me, here that is.

In a continued extension of an olive branch I give Mr Blum an open invite to dialog in an open and transparent way to respond to these truths that are self evident by posting his comments here.
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