Founders Syndrome Fred Blum leads it!

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Founders Syndrome Fred Blum leads it!

Postby ProcessPosseAdmin » Thu Mar 13, 2014 4:47 pm

Did you know that when you embark on a mission of breaking misguided paradigms in a community the calm waters will tremble?

So today, while dutifully studying again the 'What in NAPPS', I was slammed with a profound reality. I knew this to be true in my heart but I had no clue that there has been years of clinical study on it. When comparing it to Fred Blum's thoughts from a founding memberit was like REVELATIONS of clinical related right before our eyes?

Founders Syndrome is that term. Google search is loaded with reads to choose from google search

I will share one more important facet of community it is R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Did you know that respect is much more complicated of a subject then a song or a feeling then one may think? Check out this long article from . Stanford University on the word respect

It would be nice if the subject of these two links are all that ails NAPPS. I suspect they may be the fertile ground that has caused the corruption to grow. Because there just wasnt any member willing to stand in the gap early on.

I do not think I am wrong in what I infer and history proves the answer will come.


Randy Scott

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