Yellon reveals conspiracy-racketeering

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Yellon reveals conspiracy-racketeering

Postby Randy Scott » Mon Jul 07, 2014 10:45 am

I have one big question. What does Mr Yellon mean when he writes he "put his name on it?"

This my friends is why the NAPPS leaders will not sue me. Did you know that the cover letter from Paul Tamaroff for my expulsion was written November 13, 2012 and Mr Yellons undated letter left a header in it that shows November 21, 2012 or 8 days after Mr Tamaroff cover was written?

Some may say so what they conspired to expel me. Other may say they conspired to evade taxes, commit other criminal acts, and part of that enterprise is to retaliate and expel the one making complaints to law enforcement about it.

This is criminal racketeering at its finest and I allege to you Yellon did not write that letter. He put his name on it. That requires at least two actors one to write one to sign and fulfills the racketeering requirement of a conspiracy. Yet we have a whole board in Louisiana you think they didn't discuss it?

puthisnameonit.jpg (90.31 KiB) Viewed 645 times

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In the following link you can download the entire complaint that yellon "put his name to it"

Yellon v Scott.pdf
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