Here is NAPPS President Yellons expulsion letter.

Here is NAPPS President Yellons expulsion letter.

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Norman Yellon's Letter
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When you read it you will find I was expelled for communicating the corruption to the members and to the IRS and the USDOJ. I spoke out and made complaints to law enforcement first and I was expelled one year later. I still am speaking out.

When you read President of NAPPS Larry Yellon's grievance through the eyes of the USDOJ, the IRS and the FTC retaliation is clear. Notice how he bases my unprofessional action on complaints to law enforcement? Notice how he basis my unprofessional actions on creating a competing association?

Here is what Google shows on Mr Yellon

You can check out the FTC letter v CALSPRO here

If you have a few hours to spare to save NAPPS part in the process serving industry with preemptive action check out the whole picture response and all here.

To check out how NAPPS promotes antitrust geographical division of markets view the publication in the NAPPS Docket that has a map with exclusive providers in Florida here
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