The unprofessional opinions of Jason Orme of TKW

Jason Orme

The unprofessional opinions of Jason Orme of TKW

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The prior link is a $100,000,000.00 tax advice fraud case against Grant Thornton LLP relating to transactions and events from 2000 and forward.

Our, NAPPS TKW Jason Orme was at this company Grant Thornton LLP for 14 years until 2002. This is a full 2 years after Grant Thornton LLP sold the illegal tax shelter to this plaintiff. Grant Thornton LLP had numerous products such as this promoted a tax shelter called lev301. In 2002 the IRS starting aggressively pursuing these shelters as illegal. Why?...... because Enron misstated its books by this type of practice of tax evasion!

This is the problem with tradition. Just like in process serving there are paradigms that require these actions to be removed from the trade to be completely addressed. A lot of these folks are getting old but their are morphing their ways on others who are willing carriers of their tradition. Just look at NAPPS board.

So it is no coincidence the certified professional accountant would rule for NAPPS Gary Crowe you dont have to pay taxes on branch office listings nor NAPPS dont worry about the extra money in the 6 month transition. Now we know why Jason Orme left Grant Thornton in 2002 the IRS were shaking the paradigms and he wanted to start new ones over time just like the old ones. Then there is this glaring example where Jason Orme authorized 100,000.00 of member money against the IRS tax code.

If NAPPS gets slapped with a big tax penalty, as they should, and the changes come with the board, as it should, whomever is left should go after Grant Thornton I mean TKW and Gary Crowe and the board members individually personally who thought politics was better then professionalism.
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