Georgia's Constitutional crisis- Influence-VIDEO's are here

Georgia's Constitutional crisis- Influence-VIDEO's are here

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Our founders created separate and distinct coequal branches of government. They did this to prevent tyranny of one ruling group, party or individual.

The Sheriff's are a part of the Executive branch. The court in the Judicial. The Legislators legislative.

Willard Wendell is chair of the legislator committee that has significant influence over the coequal branches of government Sheriff and Judicial. His influence as a long time legislator is holding the purse strings of the co equal branches of government. It is the legislators ability to control these co equal branches by how it funds it or the laws it proposes to capture revenue within them I.E. criminal forfeiture laws of drug dealers.

Here are a couple videos that highlight the conflict that has been made apparent by National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) Georgia Association of Professional Process Servers (GAPPS) who have recklessly attempted to leverage this conflict. NAPPS contributed over $60,000.00 to Mr Tamaroff and Ms Duchon and Mr Tamaroff has contributed money in his name to

Video showing Process Server Bill the impedance of the Georgian Constitutional Conflict

Transcript of above video follows:The measure goes back to the Sheriff of this state to the law enforcement people of this state of this state. That is the message i want you to get. I've also heard that somehow this may be some some part of my doing to get back at the Sheriff’s nothing could be any further from the truth I have nothing but respect for you you write a comment dealing with back when there was a bill we passed on the private process server yes I'll go to my grave saying in believing the Sheriff did not do as II understood they were going to do that maybe a difference if our opinion but I don't carry any grudge against anybody and certainly anybody that knows me for any length of time understand that I walk away from a argument and never look back at it so I apologize you think I am doing this some form of meaness or getting back action to you that aint the case but I'm hearing those stories coming back from my representatives that I serve with that covers pretty much my feelings about and the the bill mister chairman I think the document for you as a lotta work a lot of good people put effort into it I think its a fine product could it be made better I certainly think it can and i'm open to whatever the will of this committee is on those points thank you

This video hearing below shows how NAPPS funding of Tamaroff without reporting its place has resulted in a disturbance of the Georgian Way!
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