Truth and copy old posts to show it!!

It is a section that exposes activities of the several non profit tax exempt trade groups attempting control of a marketplace. If it is something you care to learn about go ahead click on the heading.


Truth and copy old posts to show it!!

Postby ProcessPosseAdmin » Sun Aug 03, 2014 1:52 pm

Added copied Facebook thread, 7/6/2015

Come on folks read the tea leaves you can feel the corruption no mater how hard they try to hide it!

On or About August 2014 Lance Randall placed this review on the NAPPS page. In November of 2014 I responded to his review. Musser, Randall and Kern all block me from viewing the NAPPS Facebook page. Yet for some reason I was able to access the review section so I took advantage of that opportunity and Lance went with it.

About one week later the entire thread was removed from the NAPPS page and in fact Musser, Kern and Randall have removed all reviews capabilities from the NAPPS web site.

But in the spirit of transparency here is a partial copy of that interaction. Notice to sections I underlined that will show you I have my thumb on what occurs within NAPPS. One is Randall being the appointed president in Washington 5 months later and two Steve Glenn partnering with Serve Now 3 months later.

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