Who is John Perez?

Who is John Perez?

Postby ProcessPosseAdmin » Mon Oct 27, 2014 7:28 am

John Perez facts:

Process Serving industry Under John Perez:

1. NAPPS as State charter chairmen Mr Perez failed to guide Arizona, New Jersey, and Washington to comply with the tax exemption requirement of the IRS and all have lost their exemption.

2. As a newly licensed attorney in New Jersey Mr Perez failed to separate his personal funds from his clients and was suspended for commingling funds. Hence the start of his process serving career.

3. As NAPPS director spends member money to force state licensing laws requiring process servers pay for profit education companies for education.

4. Mr Perez owns this education company. When you look through the site there is nothing on it that identifies him or his affiliations. He has set this up in first impression without any one knowing it is him. http://www.ppscollateralservices.com/aboutus.htm

5. The goal of Mr Perez and his allies is not the betterment of the process serving trade but the betterment of a select group of people within NAPPS to takeover the cookie jar for their exclusive benefit.

6. California Association of Legal Support Professionals gave Mr Perez an lifetime achievement award October 2014.
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